Work From Home Employee Swag | Branded Products Your Staff Will Use

  • Mar 9, 2021


Your staff works from home, but that doesn’t mean they should feel isolated. Some cool swag can make them feel connected and motivated.


Working from home seemed like a great idea, until everyone had to work from home. And then it lasted a year.  After many work days sitting at the dining room table, looking at the same walls and talking mostly to yourself, home can start to feel like a one-person, remote station on the outer rim of the Galactic Empire. 


Here’s the thing: It doesn’t have to be that way. Throwing some work from home employee swag at your people can make them feel appreciated, connected and even motivated. Building remote team culture is a part of modern business that looks here to stay. Why not make the most of it?


Excellent Choices For Home Employee Swag


How to support your employees who work remotely? Try branded products they will use. Depending on how busy they’ve been, you might want to hand out some stress relievers. Or you might consider recognizing your most talented people by giving out some awards.


Whatever the case, you can find work from home employee swag that works for your people. Only you know what they need. But here are some ideas to get the creativity flowing.


Swag Bags

Create your own swag bag or box by stuffing them with various branded items. This one feels more like a good gift than employee swag, especially if you fill the swag bag with items employees can actually use.


Water Bottles

Everyone has to stay hydrated, right? Then why not give a branded, reusable water bottle that’s environmentally friendly and better than the plastic bottle they bought the water in? You can get water bottles that are stainless steel, aluminum with a carabiner, have flip straw lids, and bike bottles (to name a few of many choices).


Technology Items

Yoga phone stands are cool. No explanation needed, there. But that’s just the start. You can get branded adjustable light rings (for those Zoom meetings), phone sanitizers/wireless chargers, webcam covers, smart wallets and much, much more tech stuff.


Fitness Gear

Staying fit is another important part of having a healthy group of employees. Encourage your crew to get moving with fitness gear that includes active wear like t-shirts and half-zip pullovers as well as hoodies and leggings.


Green Gifts

There’s no reason to stop helping the environment, even when you're writing your latest weekly report in your pajamas - for the 22nd week in a row. Green gifts make everyone feel good about doing their part to promote sustainability. They include grocery totes, reusable water bottles and cloth shopping bags.


Device Chargers

Chargers for every room! OK, maybe that’s going too far, but even in your own house it's a bummer to have to go back upstairs to get the phone charger you left in the bedroom. Make it easy on your employees by giving them an extra charger, especially if it's a wireless one or one that’s part of a stand.


Working from home looks like it’s going to be a thing for a long time to come. As long as employees feel happy and are productive, it’s not a bad way to do business. You can make people still feel part of the team by getting them work from home employee swag that they want to use.