Tradeshow Giveaway Products That Won't End Up in The Trash

  • Mar 1, 2021

When it comes to good advice on tradeshow giveaway products, the one that will greatly reduce time and effort is to simply skip the actual purchase of the products. Take all the cash you planned to spend on tradeshow swag, put it in a large pile and set it on fire. At least that way you’ll get some temporary warmth from it.


Otherwise, by investing in most kinds of tradeshow swag, all you’ll get is a bill for the products along with the depressing site of your swag filling garbage cans at the convention hall. And back at the hotel. And in the airport terminal garbage cans on the way home.


You get the picture. Here’s how to change it: Give people tradeshow giveaway products they simply can’t throw away because they are too cool and fill a need they have (even if they don’t know they have it, yet). It’s that simple.  


Branded Tradeshow Swag That People Want

It’s a mystery why so many organizations waste so much money on throwaway swag. Maybe they don’t see the importance of it. Maybe they just really like handing out stress balls, koozies and key chains for the 58th expo in a row.


Whatever the case, it doesn’t have to be your organization. And with the current state of the industry - virtual tradeshow are expected to continue well into 2021 - more companies are investing in better tradeshow giveaway products. And whether in-person or virtual, tradeshows will remain an important part of business.


That makes levelling up your tradeshow giveaway products a priority. Here are some ideas.


Touch Tools

This is a big winner at recent conventions. They allow users to avoid direct contact with door handles, buttons, switches and other items while accomplishing daily tasks. It’s a great way to avoid touching surfaces, and it’s also something that people will want to take with them everywhere. 


Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Here’s another piece of tradeshow swag that keeps everyone’s health in mind. These glasses block the blue light that comes from computer screens that can cause headaches and helps to reduce eye strength over time. Plus, they come in a great variety of colors: blue, white, pink, purple, orange and green.


Quality Journal

Why not give people the chance to take notes at a convention using a soft touch, leatherette or twilled heather journal (to name a few choices)? This is a far cry from a plain notebook. You can also add in a branded, high-tech rollerball pen. 


Webcam Cover

Ever since everyone saw that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg covers his webcam on his computer, webcam covers have been a thing. Now, you don’t have to rely on a piece of tape. There’s a wide variety of webcam covers that you can brand and offer at tradeshows, giving people something they will want to use (sometimes right away).


Wireless Earbuds

Here’s another cool tech device no one knows they needed, but then can’t live without once they get it. Wireless earbuds keep you connected without having to deal with cords. To make it even more special, provide the earbuds with a charging station.


These items all have one thing in common: they all are much less likely to end up in the trash. When it comes to tradeshow giveaway products, these stand out as something people will actually be glad you handed to them.