Are Fanny Packs Still Popular? | Trending Ways to Wear a Fanny Pack

Aug 26

You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a fanny pack a decade ago. But the wheels of style and taste have turned, and fanny packs - or belt bags - are once again fashionably cool. Like many fash...

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Client Gifts That Don't Suck | Custom Branded Gift Ideas for Customers

Jul 13

Finding the best branded gift ideas for clients is worth the effort because they let clients know you value them while also building a stronger bond of long-lasting customer loyalty. Giving cli...

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What is a Swag Store? | How Can Online Swag Stores Help Me?

May 19

An online swag store makes getting the right branded item much easier, whether you’re a business looking to market yourself or an individual looking for a unique gift. A swag store can help you...

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What is a Catchphrase? | Do I Need a Slogan? | Business Branding Tips

May 19

There are pros and cons to having a catchphrase, you just must consider both sides and decide what’s the best approach for your company. A business catchphrase gives people a way to remember...

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Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas | Branded Employee Gifts From Boss

Apr 19

Nothing says “you’re awesome” quite like giving an appreciation gift that goes beyond traditional office gifts. These ideas will show your employees how much you value them. Empl...

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Work From Home Employee Swag | Branded Products Your Staff Will Use

Mar 09

Your staff works from home, but that doesn’t mean they should feel isolated. Some cool swag can make them feel connected and motivated. Working from home seemed like a great idea, until e...

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Tradeshow Giveaway Products That Won't End Up in The Trash

Mar 01

When it comes to good advice on tradeshow giveaway products, the one that will greatly reduce time and effort is to simply skip the actual purchase of the products. Take all the cash you planned to sp...

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7 Red-Hot Promotional Products for Valentine's Day

Feb 04

Valentine’s Day is typically thought of as a holiday for romantic partners, but they’re not the only people who deserve to get a little love! It’s also a great holiday to show apprec...

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Give Your School Clubs a Boost With These Promotional Products

Jan 28

School clubs are an essential part of student life, and we’ve got the essential pieces you need to make the clubs a big success. These are promotional products that you can use for both to help ...

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6 Things You're Missing out on by Not Using Promotional Products

Jan 21

Promotional products aren't just for niche industry operations. Whether you are a small organization looking to grow your business, or an established company wanting to reach a new market, a product b...

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Top 8 Promotional Products for Real Estate Professionals

Jan 14

If you work in real estate, you know that your field generates billions of dollars in revenue per year in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. And you could pocket a good amount of that yie...

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Take 5 of These Promotional Products for the Medical Field, and Call Me in the Morning

Dec 31, 2020

It can be tough for people in the medical field to get their names out to new patients. If you own a restaurant, you can have your cool mascot show up at a local sports game and toss out t-shirts. But...

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Case Study: Fresh Mesh Promotions

Dec 09, 2020

Market: Real Estate Product Use: Incentive Gift Promotion: A high-end resort selected the Atlantis Mesh Beach Tote as an incentive gift for the visitors who attended their timeshare presentations....

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25 Insane Facts About Promotional Products

Feb 12, 2020

You don’t have to work in the field of promotional products to notice the impact they can have on any organization’s marketing efforts. As the most effective medium of advertising across a...

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