Employee Recognition for Years of Service | Years of Service Award Ideas

  • Jun 10, 2021

When companies put an employee recognition program in place, they not only do something special for loyal employees, they also create a culture for business success

In a modern business world where people change jobs frequently, committing to employee recognition for years of service is more important than ever. Ways to reward an employee for years of service include personal thanks from the company CEO, a celebration party or upscale dinner, a symbolic award, the employee’s choice of a personal item and establishing a program to award employees at different levels of years of service.


No matter what method you choose, the important thing is to choose one. Celebrating the great work of loyal staffers has a positive impact on every employee, leading to attracting and retaining better workers. That’s a rare “win-win” for everyone.


Why Should Companies Have Employee Recognition?


Today, running a great company is all about creating a great culture, and that starts with employee recognition. Taking the time to recognize the efforts of employees is one of the most effective ways to not only say “thank you” to the individual, but also provide motivation for the entire staff.


Making a point of recognizing employees for milestones and achievements accomplishes a lot of positives for a business.

  • Recognizing employee loyalty. Awards and celebrations let employees know you appreciate them for staying with you and working hard, even through the rough times.
  • Promoting employee retention. Good employees want to stick around when they see your company is the kind that honors and awards members of the staff.
  • Boosting company culture. Creating a culture of employee recognition also helps spur creation of stronger bonds between the employees themselves.
  • Establishing your brand. You want to be known for your products and services, of course. But you can also promote your brand by posting information and pictures from employee celebrations, demonstrating you value employee recognition.


Best Ways to Recognize Employees


Once you’ve established that you want to make employee recognition part of the culture at your business, it’s just a matter of deciding how to do it. Most businesses use some combination of these ideas.


Letter From CEO


It’s one thing to get praise from a manager or department head. It’s another for the top person in the company to take time to recognize your efforts. A personal letter of congratulations from the CEO is a unique, special addition to any employee recognition program.




Whether it’s a special celebration at the office, lunch at the best spot in town or a dinner after work hours, putting together an employee recognition event also adds a personal touch that the employee will always remember.


Symbolic Awards


BrandRageous! Employee AwardsAn award that the employee can display at their work station or in their home is another great employee recognition method. The critical part is creating a unique award, which is now possible with the variety of options available in award design. That includes awards engraved with company logos, employee names and any other specialized wording required.


Personal Awards


The company watch is the classic example of an employee recognition award, and you can still go that route if you want, because the choices are better than ever. But a nice touch is to give employees the option of choosing what they want from a list that might include jewelry, apparel, totes, computer accessories, cell phone accessories, mugs, drinkware, pens and hundreds of other items.


Establish Employee Recognition


Making employee recognition simply part of what your company does requires a commitment to how and when you will honor your employees. Employee recognition for years of service can include celebrating one, five, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service with the company. Another idea is setting milestones specific to the department and honoring employees when they reach them, such as hitting a sales amount within a certain timeframe.


No matter how you set it up or what you give, establishing employee recognition for years of service is an important step to take to improve company culture and retain the best, most loyal workforce. At the end of the day, that's going to benefit the employees and also drive business success.

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