Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas | Branded Employee Gifts From Boss

  • Apr 19, 2021

Nothing says “you’re awesome” quite like giving an appreciation gift that goes beyond traditional office gifts. These ideas will show your employees how much you value them.


Employees deserve appreciation. Business owners know they may have great ideas and smart plans, but they need talented and dedicated employees to get things done right. Acknowledging those who do is where employee appreciation gift ideas come into play.


Why come up with employee appreciation gift ideas? Because recognizing employees in a special way allows them to see that their managers, as well as company executives, value their contributions to the success of the operation. No matter what the occasion, giving an employee a gift is going to boost morale and make them more dedicated to accomplishing company goals.

When to Give Employee Appreciation Gifts

No time is a bad time to give branded employee gifts from the boss. But it helps to tie the gift into a special occasion, making it more memorable. Some ideas include the following.


Employee anniversary. A branded gift is an excellent way to mark the anniversary of when a good employee started working with a company.


National holidays. You can make the classic holiday season gifts that much better by using a branded gift that is something employees will want to use.


Company founding. It helps to bring everyone together when they know a bit more about a company, including when and why it was founded. A special gift can make the event even more memorable.


Employee Achievement. When an employee achieves something remarkable - reaching a milestone in sales, for example, or successfully completing an important project - that’s the perfect time to reward them with something special.


Employee Appreciation Day. There’s an actual holiday focused on the very idea of showing employee appreciation, held the first Friday of every March.

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

The entire BrandRageous! site is one giant idea factory for employee appreciation gifts. Our specialty is providing businesses with great branded items for tradeshows, customer giveaways and, yes, employee appreciation.


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If you’re looking for employee appreciation gift ideas, here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling.



ActiveWear is becoming bigger and bigger with each passing year. People have discovered that what they wear for workouts and activities also looks good - and is very comfortable - for many other occasions. That includes Polo shirts, T-shirts, hoodies, golf shirts and team jackets from brands such as Nike, Adidas, Champion. Under Armour and Sports-Tek.


Imagine your business logo on an Eddie Bauer soft fleece jacket - or any of the hundreds of other choices provided by BrandRageous! - and you get the idea of how powerful and memorable outerwear works as an employee gift. That’s a lot better than a certificate or plaque on the wall. Other outerwear choices include jackets and coats from North Face, Port Authority, Patagonia, New Englander, Nike, and many more.

Tumblers and Mugs

We’re not talking about your basic tumblers and mugs. Now, you can get the sort of tumblers that qualify as “special” when it comes to giving gifts. For example, you can get Yeti coffee mugs and Urban Peak trail tumblers built for the outdoors. Stainless steel vacuum tumblers have become popular, as have double-walled and insulated travel tumblers and bamboo ceramic bottles. You can even get Corkcicle mugs that keep your beverages hot for nine hours or cold for three.


Umbrellas are that item people forget about until they really need one. You can help your special employees solve that problem by giving them an umbrella that is far beyond what they would likely get for themselves. We’re talking umbrellas that auto open and close, fold, have vents to keep the wind from damaging them, or ones that come in a mini-size easily stored in a purse or glove compartment.

Portable Speakers

Wireless. Bluetooth compatible. Waterproof. Cubes. Domes. Integrated carabiners. These are just some of the different features of today’s portable speakers, which get more sophisticated and cooler with each passing year. They convey the message “you’re special” to your employees.


No one mandates that companies come up with employee appreciation gift ideas. That’s what makes them both awesome and memorable. Giving your best employees a great jacket or waterproof portable speaker goes many steps beyond the “typical” employee gift. Make use of what the modern world of swag offers and get your employees something really special.

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