Client Gifts That Don't Suck | Custom Branded Gift Ideas for Customers

  • Jul 13, 2021


Finding the best branded gift ideas for clients is worth the effort because they let clients know you value them while also building a stronger bond of long-lasting customer loyalty.


Giving client gifts that don’t suck is a lot harder than you might think. You want to offer something clever and cool, but don’t want to break the bank doing it. Problem is, it’s hard to balance cost and creativity if you don’t look in the right place.



This leads to an increased danger of giving gifts that veer into the suck zone. We all know what that means because we have all seen it. These are the bland gifts someone has handed you hundreds of times. There’s likely a handful right now at the back of your desk drawer. Not good.


The sweet spot is finding a gift so cool that people connect your brand with the feeling they get when receiving an awesome gift. It’s a quick, effective way to build client loyalty. But it only works if you give client gifts that don’t suck.


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Branded Gift Ideas That Don’t Suck


You know what to avoid. That’s because you’ve seen gifts that suck many times over. But how to avoid making the same mistake? This list provides a good place to start in not only finding client gifts that don’t’ suck, but also gifts that build your brand.


Personalize What You Give


When it comes to giving gifts to your best clients, it’s not a one size fits all scenario. Know what your client likes. That’s the part of gift-giving that makes it a good gift and not a meaningless trinket. Don’t restrict yourself to work-related gifts. For example, if you know someone who likes to grow plants and flowers, search for those types of gifts. It shows you took the time to buy something thoughtful.


Food-Related Gifts For Foodies


We all have to eat. But many people enjoy it a lot more than others. In all client groups, there are plenty of people who like to try exotic foods, make food on their own or have items (like tumblers) to make food and drink special. It’s such a common hobby that an entire section of gift ideas is focused on food and beverages.


Professional Notebooks


Taking notes is something we all must do for our jobs. Look around at your next meeting. While some people take notes on devices, plenty of people still use pen and paper. Going old-school is cool if they have something like the Moleskine Smart Writing Set that uses an app to convert pen strokes to digital text in real time.


Donate In Your Client’s Name


Nothing is more thoughtful than giving a gift in your client’s name to a charity they strongly support. Ideas include paying to plant trees, giving support to local arts groups and museums, and funding programs that provide services to children in need. A simple card showing you donated in your client’s name is both a good thing to do and a way to build strong rapport with your client.


Have Gift, Will Travel


Plenty of clients must travel throughout the year for meetings, tradeshows and other events. As those who travel often will tell you, frequent travel requires smart packing. And smart packing is where thoughtful gifts come in. You can find cool gifts for frequent travelers that range from sports sling bags with USB ports to compact travel bags for cosmetics.


Upscale Swag


For the best clients, think upscale. No one wants a T-shirt or pencil when they can get a leather satchel from Louis Vuitton Trevi. While it is key to not go too far with costly gifts, they are perfect for the right clients. As with all gifts, upscale swag works best when your branding is subtle. 


Keep these ideas in mind the next time you want to find client gifts that don’t suck. They will feel valued because you took the time and care to get them something special. You’ll feel better knowing you did your best to create a strong relationship with your loyal customer. Most importantly, they won’t associate your business name with a gift that sucks.


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